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CreditSoft for Debt Settlement Agencies

Our Credit Counseling edition is simply the best system out there for credit counseling agencies. Once you have seen it you will understand why.

Please review the product information and contact us for a demo today.

Feature List

Enroll more clients in less time with less errors. Several features are included to validate your input, prevent entering duplicates, and automate entering account information

  • Import leads from a file, or directly from the internet
  • Distribute new leads automatically, or assign them manually to your reps
  • Detect duplicate leads
  • Instantly quote new monthly payment and length of DMP over the phone
  • Compare before and after picture
  • Print, fax or e-mail agreement or other custom documents to prospective clients
  • Electronically sign and store documents
  • Define enrollment checklist with multiple categories and items
  • Easily store income, expenses, assets and liabilities
  • Add notes and create follow-up reminders
  • Attach unlimited documents to the client's file
  • Warning if another user opens the same client screen

A complete multi-user calendaring system is included in our application

  • Set up appointments based on the first available time slot, counselor, or location
  • Easily check the availability of every counselor
  • Set up your business hours, holidays, and particular user schedules in the scheduling setup screens
  • Easily set up your appointment slots several weeks in advance with recurring appointments if necessary

Keep your clients on track with their expenses, and improve their financial health

  • Manage multiple offers and counter-offers
  • Easily see actual and forecasted accumulated funds
  • Allow negotiators to reserve funds to prevent other negotiators from using the same funds
  • Automatically calculate settlement offers and fees
  • Easily create single-payment and structured settlements
  • Ability to cancel or edit the offer details
  • See all activity related to the account with one click
  • Ability to run reports of which debts can be negotiated based on accumulated funds

Ensure a consistent flow of funds by creating payment templates to automate both client debits and payments to creditors

  • Set up multiple debt settlement program templates
  • Debt programs can have multiple stages with different fee structures and program lengths
  • Automatically calculate one-time fees and periodic fees
  • Easily customize schedule template dates and amounts per client
  • Easily handle special client disbursement requests
  • Track funds accumulated towards settlements
  • Track funds the client accumulates on their own

Enjoy the most complete and flexible task and workflow manager in the market

  • Multiple customizable issue category options that default to specified users or departments
  • Ability to schedule for follow-up for a specific date and time
  • Share documents and collaborate with the debtor or other co-workers to resolve issues
  • Link documents or other attachments to each issue note
  • Customize your own To-Do lists
  • Set up custom workflows for automatic redirection of work

Easily import, group, split, and transfer creditor portfolios

  • Specify multiple creditor contacts
  • Easily see all accounts related to one creditor
  • Transfer accounts between creditors
  • Ability to group creditors

A full-featured built-in accounting system that simplified clearing, reconciling, voiding and reissuing checks

    Client Receipts
  • Validate bank routing numbers
  • Enter client receipts individually or in batches
  • Create and submit ACH debit files to your financial institution (NACHA format)
  • System validates required fields before transmission
  • Automatically hold funds based on payment type
  • NSF receipts individually or from a NACHA file, and automatically add NSF fee if needed
  • Payments to Creditors
  • Print settlement checks to creditors
  • Reprint checks and vouchers if needed
  • Easily process voids and refunds
  • Reconcile your bank accounts

A system that exceeds the latest industry standards

  • Ability to add sales structure
  • Arrange commissions on set-up and settlement fees, and split commissions among sales people and negotiators

Take advantage of our 100+ built in reports and interactive grids, or design your own!

  • Access to hundreds of built-in letters and reports
  • Ability to modify our built-in reports using Microsoft Visual Studio (Free with SQL Server)
  • Create your own documents and reports using Visual Studio or Microsoft Word
  • Create your own report shortcuts from more screens
  • Ability to specify your own report categories
  • Drag-and-drop reports to your Favorites Menu for quick access

A rich interface with color alert, tooltips, and context-menus that can be customized to your liking

  • One application integrates all standard functions (including the issue tracking)
  • Ability to change the position of the fields on the screen, as well as the captions of the labels
  • Layout of most data grids can be customized per user, including sorting and column position and size
  • Easily print and export grid data to Excel
  • Users can define their default searches and activity views
  • Alerts and color coding to better warn the user throughout the application
  • Easy navigation through the use of tabs and context menus
  • Centralized administration console for easy access to software system settings
  • Easily link CreditSoft with a third-party imaging software
  • Built-in context sensitive “Help” documentation

A reliable system that enforces the latest security protocols

  • Easily set up unlimited security groups
  • Easily secure screens, buttons, and other controls directly from CreditSoft screens
  • Ability to preview group or user security settings
  • Ability to prevent non-administrators from accessing administration console
  • Automatically track all changes made to customer data in an easily accessible audit log
  • Fully .NET-based application
  • SQL Server back-end. To read more about the features in SQL Server please click here.

CreditSoft Web Portal

The web portal is part of the CreditSoft system. It connects to your database and delivers information and interactions to authenticated users on the internet.

The following types of users can login to the portal:

  • Clients, co-applicants and contacts
  • Leads, co-applicants and contacts
  • Creditors and creditor contacts
  • Sales agents
  • Attorneys

Employees can also connect to the web portal. But keep in mind that our Windows application is still a lot more powerful than the web portal for employees.

Feature List

Let applicants enroll themselves in your program via your own web portal

  • Define your own enrollment flow by showing the appropriate pages based on the applicant status
  • Use custom data forms when you need to gather ad-hoc information
  • Applicants can electronically sign your contract and make their first payment without leaving the web portal

Keep your clients on track with their expenses, and improve their financial health

  • Save and compare multiple financial scenarios for clients including income, expenses, assets and liabilities
  • Additional built-in financial reports and charts

A complete multi-user calendaring system is included in our application

  • Save and compare multiple financial scenarios for clients including income, expenses, assets and liabilities
  • Additional built-in financial reports and charts
  • Set up appointments based on the first available time slot, counselor, or location
  • Easily check the availability of every counselor
  • Set up your business hours, holidays, and particular user schedules in the scheduling setup screens
  • Easily set up your appointment slots several weeks in advance with recurring appointments if necessary

Ensure a consistent flow of funds by creating payment templates to automate both client debits and payments to creditors

  • Set up multiple due dates and disbursement dates
  • Automatically calculate one-time fees and monthly fees
  • Define state compliance rules for handling receipts and payments
  • Schedule special client disbursement requests
  • Instantly see missed, late or short client payments
  • View balance forecast of each account

Improve customer service by using our built-in online ticketing system

  • Users can create trouble tickets that get automatically routed to the correct department based on the type of ticket
  • Your staff can create reply notes as well as internal staff notes on the ticket
  • Define your own email rules
  • Define rules for reassignment and escalation

Easily import, group, split, and transfer creditor portfolios

  • Specify multiple creditor contacts
  • Ability to store payment, proposal and fair share billing information
  • Have multiple aliases for one creditor
  • Easily see all accounts related to one creditor
  • Transfer accounts between creditors
  • Import account masks from MasterCard, or add your own
  • Ability to group creditors for easy deployment of policy changes

A system that exceeds the latest industry standards

  • System identifies accounts with problems or missing information before batching proposals
  • Easily batch proposals including full budget disclosure information if needed
  • Ability to hold individual proposals from being sent
  • Print, fax or electronically send proposals
  • Compatible with both MasterCard RPPS and Visa E-Pay
  • Import electronic response files

Increase efficiency by giving your clients more control over their payment information

  • Increase efficincy by giving your clients
  • You can enable the ability to modify payment dates to a certain extent, limted by rules
  • Clients can view their payment history

Gather any information you want at any time by using our custom data form designer

  • Define actions to be perofrmed automatically once the form is submitted
  • Design and publish web data forms on your site with our easy-to-use form designer
  • Designer allows textboxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns and formulas
  • Gather any ad-hoc information you need
  • Great for questionnaires, surveys, custom data
  • Use it in conjunction with Electronic Signatures to gather any fields needed for a legal form.
  • Validate required fields before submission
  • Display any validation message you want based on any rules you define
  • Show and hide questions based on previous answers (for example do not ask for mortgage payment if the client is not a homeowner)

Give clients and creditors access to information via custom reports and grids

  • Design and publish document and report templates to the web portal using Microsoft Word or Visual Studio
  • Easily include data bookmarks in your templates
  • Users can generate personalized PDF documents, such as contracts, from Microsoft Word templates or SQL Reporting Services
  • Users can generate reports, such as statements, using SQL Reporting Services or simple grid reports
  • Users can download generated documents
  • Users can export grids as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

You have control over the look of your web portal

  • Uses a responsive mobile-friendly design
  • Modify the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to change the color and look of the site
  • Define what menu items and pages each type of user will see
  • Further define the available menu items and pages based on custom policies
  • Change the captions of most labels and messages
  • Main screens allow for easy control of what fields are shown per type of user, and the order of the fields
  • Layout of most data grids can be customized per user, including sorting and column labels and position
  • Define custom interactive HTML content on the left,right,top and bottom of every page
  • Define custom HTML help for any page

A reliable system that enforces the latest security protocols

  • Requires the use of a digital certificate to encrypt communication via a secure channel (HTTPS)
  • Compatible with all major antivirus and intrusion prevention software brands
  • Has been pen-tested
  • Tracks login date and IP address
  • Enforces strong password policies
  • Validates security questions and trusted devices
  • Enforce acceptance of your own Terms and Conditions
  • SOON: Optional authentication code sent via SMS

A system updated to take advantage of the latest technology available

  • Fully .NET-based application
  • Works on the latest version of Microsoft Windows Server and Internet Information Server
  • SQL Server back-end. To read more about the features in SQL Server please click here.

Use our affordable and reliable electronic signature system, completely integrated in your web portal

  • Allow users to electronically sign contracts and any other legal document
  • Please CLICK HERE for detailed information on our electronic signature functionality on the web portal

Software Prices

We want to make it easy for you to obtain CreditSoft information. For your convenience we have included the costs for both the rental and the purchase of our software. Please remember that the prices reflected below may be updated at any time.

Official quotes must be approved by a CreditSoft sales specialist. To speak with our sales department directly, please call us at 1.877.877.7872 x300 or send us an email for more information.
CreditSoft Rental Prices
Cost Includes Support & Upgrades
Database License (minimum 1 required)
User License (minimum 1 required)
Installation with 3 Day Online Training & Configuration
One Time
Web application requires an installed CreditSoft system
Site License (minimum 1 required)
Installation with 1 Day Online Training & Configuration
One Time
Debtor & Creditor Portal
Unlimited debtors and creditors web licenses (FREE)
Sales Agent & Internal User Portal
Web User License
CreditSoft Purchase Prices
Yearly Support Includes Upgrades
Database License (minimum 1 required)
Windows User License (minimum 1 required)
Web portal includes UNLIMITED debtor and creditor access. You only pay for sales agents and internal users licenses.
Web Sales & User License
Installation with 4 Day Online Training & Configuration
Electronic Signatures
Our web portal includes an electronic signature system. 1000 signatures/month are included with your technical support payment
How to Order our Software
Once you have reviewed our software features and are ready to make your software purchase, our sales specialists are available to help you complete the process.

By Phone: To speak with a sales specialist by phone, call 1.877.877.7872 x300.
Do you provide a free trial version?
No. But we can set up an interactive online demo. Please click here to schedule an online demo.
Is your program Windows compatible?
Yes. We are the leading Microsoft-based solution on the market in the debt industry.
Does CreditSoft come with built-in client agreements?
No. Any legal documents you will need to prepare on your own. You can use Word and then link your Word template to CreditSoft and add any fields you want to it such as name,address, list of debts, monthly payment calculated, etc...
Can CreditSoft e-fax and e-mail documents/reports?
Yes, as long as you are using Outlook (Outlook Express not supported) you can easily set up CreditSoft to e-mail your documents to your clients. Additionally, if you have an e-fax account, CreditSoft can e-fax these documents to your clients as well. CreditSoft will keep a document log of all documents sent to your clients.
Can we create or customize our own documents and reports?
Yes. You can create/add your own documents into the system or request a quote for us to do it for you. We also have a lot of built-in reports which you can alter and create your own “custom” version.
Does the program have payment tools and a banking interface?
Yes, CreditSoft has a full accounting system that will allow you to disburse, create checks or ACH files, generate commission reports, and reconcile your bank accounts. For your convenience, our software is compatible with payment processing companies. Please ask us for more information.
Does CreditSoft come pre-loaded with creditor information
No. You are responsible for building and maintaining your own unique creditor contact list and parameters, as creditors will agree to specific terms with your agency.
Does CreditSoft automatically calculate the new monthly payment?
Yes. CreditSoft will calculate the required monthly payment per debt based on that creditor’s policy information. Any fees will calculate automatically based on your configured payment templates.
Does CreditSoft automatically calculate savings?
Yes. We can calculate the original and proposed debt scenarios and the savings you will provide. A simple generic report is included and you can customize it.
Can Creditsoft calculate commissions?
Yes. You can define a commission tree structure for any fees you charge.
Can we charge different fees based on the needs of different state laws?
Yes. You can configure fees per state and generate different agreements based on state. In addition CreditSoft can apply fees based on other characteristics such as selecting a particular debt program, their amount of debt, the number of months, etc...
Is CreditSoft up-to-date with industry standards?
Our software stays in tune with important industry changes as they come about. Our professionals attend industry-related conferences and forums, further ensuring that the software stays up-to-date on industry system requirements.
Do you sell hardware?
No. We are not hardware resellers. But our support team can provide assistance in recommending hardware vendors.
What are the minimum technical requirements in order to run CreditSoft?
Please view a list of our technical requirements under our Technical Information section.
Do I need a server to run CreditSoft if I am just starting out?
Yes, however choosing to host with a reputable hosting company may help defray the costs associated with setting up your system. Ask us for more details on preferred hosting partners.
Do you offer software or database hosting services?
No, however we can recommend a hosting company if you prefer to have a hosted system. Typically we install everything on your end so that you have complete control over your data.
Is CreditSoft designed to handle large amounts of data at a fast pace?
Yes. CreditSoft was designed based on cutting-edge technology, allowing any agency to handle and manage large amounts of data, as well as a large number of users. The scalable architecture of Microsoft SQL Server allows for a virtually unlimited number of clients. That is why the largest agencies in the world use CreditSoft.
Do you offer a rental option?
Yes. We have a very affordable rental option, ideal for new start-ups and companies who are below 10 users. Please see our pricing information.


At CreditSoft, we believe in providing you with all the information you need to make an informed software purchase. Below are some of the testimonials we have received from customers that believe in the quality of our software products.
"You make us feel like more than a customer..."
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the difference you’ve made in our business. Starting out, we used multiple programs to achieve everything CreditSoft does plus all the extra features like generating reports, automatically personalizing and printing out our contracts, as well as having the capability to link all of our clients paperwork right to their profile on CreditSoft. We have taken our business to a new level. The staff at CreditSoft has been more than amazing in trouble-shooting, communicating with our entire staff and step by step training and support.”
“...Anybody can sell functional programs to fit business needs, but the way you go above and beyond to assist us is why I am grateful to accept the opportunity to give testimony for your company. You make us feel like we are more than just a customer...”
- Diane Shepley, Office Coordinator, Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC
"CreditSoft has made my life so much easier!"

“CreditSoft has made my life so much easier. The fact that I can now have everything on each client at my fingertips is so important and helpful. The help desk and training have been so helpful. Learning a new program from scratch can be really frustrating and they make it a really pleasant experience.”

- Meghan M. Shea, GHS Debt Solutions
Press Center
May 2018
Documents can now be electronically signed on the web without a third-party signature provider
April 2018
The Creditor Web Portal now allows multiple usernames per creditor, to accomodate multiple creditor contacts
March 2018
CreditSoft has been integrated with Equifax
February 2018
Account Search screen now more interactive with additional context-menu options
January 2018
New encryption mechanism increases security on your database.
In addition to the built-in SQL encryption, CreditSoft now adds an additional layer of protection.
December 2017
Version 10 is out now and is being rolled out to selected customers first
September 2017
The Version 10 Web Portal now has additional features and pages for Creditors
August 2017
The Version 10 Web Portal uses only the latest encryption protocols for added security.
July 2017
The Version 10 Web Portal now has an even better dashboard
June 2017
Dynamic entry forms now available on the web
May 2017
The Version 10 Web Portal now allows you to enforce your own Terms and Conditions
March 2017
Version 10 customers now enjoy a new responsive web portal that uses Bootstrap technology.
The new web portal looks great on any device.
February 2017
Additional calls have been added to our API for payment processing
November 2016
The web portal now allows custom-generated action menus for web users.
This allows you to display your own menu items based on your specific workflow.
October 2016
Attorneys can electronically sign documents on the web portal
September 2016
A new web portal section for Employees is now available
July 2016
New version of CreditSoft tested with the latest SQL Server 2016
February 2016
Credit card batching available directly via the Payment Schedule
November 2015
A new web portal section for Attorneys is now available
October 2014
CreditSoft is now integrated with CudaSign/SignNow
June 2012
Document batches can now run unattended through the CreditSoft Task Scheduler

Technical Requirements

If you have questions about our technical requirements list, please feel free to contact our Technical Support Department at (954) 255-2622x200.

For more information about Microsoft SQL Server, please visit

The Standard Edition is required. For larger companies we recommend the Enterprise Edition

Server Prices

The following are estimates for a typical server used with CreditSoft.

# of Users
Estimated Cost

We are dedicated to not only providing the most advanced software product, but also making sure our customers are well-trained and able to use our software to its fullest capacity.

Our training programs and materials are specifically designed to help you get the most out of CreditSoft.

If you require immediate assistance, please call us at 1.877.877.7872 x600. Or please email us at One of our training specialists will be happy to assist you.

Online Training

Our online training program is individually tailored around each company’s specific business model and practices.

Our trainers will work with you and your staff to make sure that you are getting the most out of using CreditSoft.

Online Training & Installation For New Clients

5 Day (or 40 hour total) Online Training & Installation

$ 4,495.00

3 Day (or 24 hour total) Online Training & Installation

$ 2,995.00

Additional Training For All Clients

1 Day (or 8 hour total) Online Training

$ 1,240.00

Additional Hourly Training

$ 250.00

To schedule online training for your agency, please send us an email or call1.877.877.7872 x600 for more information.

On-site Training

Customers who request on-site training will be given a free quote for the instruction and travel costs associated with sending a CreditSoft Training Specialist to an office location.

To contact the training department, send us an email or call1.877.877.7872 x600 for more information.

Converting your existing database to CreditSoft

CreditSoft has converted data from several different software providers throughout the years. This extensive experience has allowed us to create a standard conversion process that guarantees your conversion will be successful. This standard process includes personalization to take into consideration each customer’s situation.

Our experienced data conversion team will ensure all your data is transferred correctly into CreditSoft.

Did you know that CreditSoft has the largest customers in the industry, some with over 300,000 client records? A lot of time was spent in the design of CreditSoft, to optimize screens and processes so they would handle large databases and still maintain fast application response times.

Customer feedback after switching to CreditSoft

Once you switch to us, you'll want to stay with us. Here is what customers say after they go live:

  • CreditSoft stays up to date with all industry requirements
  • Easy ad-hoc reporting and unlimited customization options
  • Security settings and audit logging of changes makes staff easier to manage
  • No more workarounds for basic functions
  • The ability to automate processes reduces workloads
  • System speed no longer creates delays in processing – no more waiting for the next day to see posted transactions
  • Easy customizable consumer web interface for enrollment and customer service


To prepare our estimate we will need:

  1. A copy of your data files so we can determine data quality
  2. An explanation of any custom fields and their usage
  3. A copy of any other data stored somewhere else (Excel, MS Access, text files, etc.)
How much does it cost?

Conversion costs vary depending on the type of database, the amount of data, its quality, and the amount of additional external data sources. But our estimates are free and guaranteed.


How easy will my conversion to CreditSoft be?

Conversions are usually easy but tedious tasks. Conversions can be time consuming because data from your old database often needs to be repaired before CreditSoft can import it. The reason is that the CreditSoft SQL Server database is designed for stability and doesn’t allow corrupted data such as orphan records to be imported.

What types of database formats have you converted into CreditSoft?

Among others: MS SQL Server, Excel, MSAccess, MySQL, DBASE, Sybase, OpenInsight, PostgreSQL, Comma-delimited, FoxPro

How do you guarantee that the conversion will be a success?

We plan our conversion thoroughly with you. We usually schedule several test runs to give you a feel for the data, and test for any errors using control totals and other data validation processes. We plan the “go live” date so your business hours will not be interrupted. And we do not “go live” unless there are no errors.

Can you convert any database?

Yes. But unfortunately, some agencies have found out the hard way that it's almost impossible to switch from certain vendors because their data is not accessible, or just not accessible in a mainstream format that other vendors can read.

If you cannot get us a copy of your data, unfortunately we won't be able to convert it

Can you convert from PrimeDebtSoft?

Primedebtsoft customers that have approached us unsatisfied with their software and level of customer service, and eager to switch to us, have found to their dismay that it was impossible to extract the data from PrimeDebtSoft's servers, and that their data backups were useless for anything other than restoring back to PrimeDebtSoft's servers.

If you don't go with us, our word of advice is to at least make sure your software vendor uses a standard database system that allows for standard backups and data export to mainstream formats like text or excel.